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LoveQuilts Australia - Sarah W's quilt

Sarah W's quilt   (Quilt Coming Soon)

Born:April 2013
Illness: Non Accidental Brain Injury (Shaken Baby Syndrome) Cerebral Palsy

Theme: Unicorns & fairies

Quilt will open soon, keep checking back!
Photo of Sarah W

Theme details

Unicorns & fairies - Colour choice is pinks & purples - girly colours.

Child Interests

Sarah is unable to express anything that is a favourite however I call her my Minnie Mouse and I often dressed her in Minnie Mouse clothing. However she has lots of unicorn things at the moment and I would go with mythical as her favourite.


Sarah is a 5 year old little girl who was thrown by her biological father she sustained horrific injuries to her head leaving her with several complications as a result and on the palliative care list. Sarah has a twin sister Sienna and we live with our biological mum who has custody of us and she works part time without any family support. Sarah started Prep this year at a special school and gets transported by the bus. Sarah has been horse riding with a lot of help of the riding school we visited. Sarah I has learnt to say mum this year which was a massive achievement. We are working hard with physio to try to get strength to stand in my own.

have a Facebook page called Sarah - Survivor of shaken baby syndrome.