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Posted on 22 Jun 2014

News 22nd June 2014

Lots of squares arrived this week. Firstly, a lovely heart from Susan De Tert for the Purple SAL. Then, two big parcels arrived from Quilts4Kids. These are squares that were left over when Q4K closed last year. There were lots of them. Some have been added to our website already; the others will be uploaded when they have been sorted. These will be made into quilts as soon as themes can be set and fabrics sourced. LQAu thanks Linde very much for this valuable contribution. As much as possible, the squares will be uploaded under the stitchers details, so if you know of anyone who sent Any Child squares into Q4K and didn’t see their square/s appear on a quilt, please give them our web link so they can see if we’ve received their squares, and keep updated with how we use them.

The “I Spy-P” quilt closed. That means we now have 6 signed up quilts on the go. Please keep promoting us within your communities to parents of children who may be eligible for one of our special quilts.

Our Facebook members now stands at 81. It is lovely to see WIP from the stitchers. Thank you for all your posts. It is wonderful to see where you are up to with your stitching.

Posted on 15 Jun 2014

News 15th June 2014

Addison-Hope’s quilt has closed. Our second child sign-up is now under way. The next Stitch-A-Long has opened. This is an “I Spy” quilt which we hope will be a lot of fun to stitch for.

Four more people have joined our Facebook page; we are slowly creeping up to 100 members. Some of you have been very actively sharing our group with your friends – thank you. We’ve made an A4 size poster up that you can print and put up on the noticeboards of groups you associate with. It is in PDF format, so please PM or email if you would like a copy.

Diana and Val are busy washing and drying material. The washing part is easy, but drying is a challenge in this wintry weather.

6 squares were received this week. Thank you to Donna Ryan, Sandra Wright, and Tracey Jarman. It is very exciting to see them arrive – a bit like Christmas!

Posted on 08 Jun 2014

News 8th June 2014

Since our last news update Maxwell’s quilt has closed to stitchers, and Addison-Hope’s has been opened. Addi is our first girl sign-up so we can now enjoy some girlie patterns and colours. The Sea Shell Stitch-A-Long is nearly full, just a couple of spaces still open. When that closes that will mean we have three Emergency quilts on the go.

Our Facebook membership now stands at 72 – welcome to all our new friends. Some of you have posted pictures of squares you have finished in anticipation of quilts opening up – now that is planning ahead!

Ruth Swinton’s square, and Judith Saebel’s cards arrived safely. Thank you ladies – they look wonderful.

Posted on 25 May 2014

News 25th May 2014

Our launch is complete! Our first LQAu sign-up child opened this week. Kathryn secured the first stitcher sign-up for this quilt – congratulations! Maxwell’s application was actually received a couple of weeks ago but he’s had a very rough time in the interim, so we held off opening his quilt till we were more certain the time frame to complete it would be suitable for him. This is why the Emergency quilts we’ve started will be so helpful. Some children do not enjoy the luxury of time.

The Sea Shell Stitch-A-Long was also opened.

During the week we had contact with Linde from Q4K, which had to close last year. Linde still has some unused squares, and she is going to send them through to us. So, if any of you had sent squares to Q4K and had not seen them used, they may very well end up in a LQAu quilt. We’ll try and make use of these straight away for Emergency quilts.

Another 4 people signed up for our Facebook membership – welcome!

It has been exciting to see the posts on Facebook of the squares that some of you have completed; it’s going to be like an early Christmas when these arrive.

Thank you very much for your continued donations and support.

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