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Squares by Elaine Alegaki, Athens Greece

For Summer
(Theme: Australian Animals (soft) incl. birds)
Submitted: Oct 2015

For Emergency or Backfilled quilt
(Theme: Realistic animals, birds, and other wildlife.)
Submitted: Oct 2015

For Heath S
(Theme: Animals)
Submitted: Aug 2015

For Chloe C
(Theme: Pink (see child's interests for theme ideas))
Submitted: Jun 2015

For (QUILTED) Wonderful Water Creatures E01
(Theme: Water creatures E01)
Submitted: Jun 2015

For (QUILTED) Chooks & Roosters E01
(Theme: Chooks & Roosters E01)
Submitted: Jun 2015

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Completed quilts featuring Elaine Alegaki's squares

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