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LoveQuilts Australia - Lincoln's quilt

Lincoln's quilt    (Quilt Closed)

Born:August 2017
Illness: Acute lymphoblastic leukaemia-b cell

Theme: Dinosaurs

Date opened: 4th Nov 2022
Date closed: 9th Nov 2022
Deadline: 30th Mar 2023

Photo of Lincoln

Child Interests

Lincoln’s favourite colours are blue and red. His interests include anything dinosaur (red T-Rex’s are his all time favourite,), superhero’s (Spider-Man is definitely a crowd pleaser!) and transport (mainly construction, trucks, planes and trains).


Lincoln has always been a happy, full of life social butterfly who’s cheekiness and spunk just lights up any room he enters. The past 12 months have had some of its biggest changes and challenges before his diagnosis and he’s just taken everything in his stride; and his leukaemia diagnosis and treatments have been handled the same way, nothing has phased him and he just gets on with what needs to be done. He is the bravest and toughest kid we know!

At the start of 2021, we sold our family home in NSW and moved in with family for 9-10 months, then relocated to regional QLD in November 2021. At the start of February 2022 Lincoln’s baby sister arrived a few weeks early and in March we moved into our new family home. Only days after Lincoln’s 5th birthday in August he started experiencing unexplainable fevers between 39-40.6 that were not coming down with any efforts. Then the nose bleeds started and the fatigue, weakness and excessive random bruising followed. We knew something wasn’t right so took him to the local hospital for testing but never expected the blood test to come back with the results they did. Since the blood tests came back the following morning, we were on a flight with the Royal Flying Doctors 3 hours later and in QLD Childrens hospital a short while after. Since then we’ve undergone an aggressive first round of chemotherapy where his leukaemia was confirmed in his CSF and spiking blast cell count that had drs retesting tests and are due to start our second round of high risk intensive treatment at the start of October. Lincoln has a long road ahead but he’s certainly not letting cancer rule his life or decide his future. He’s our superhero and he’s giving it his all.


1.Stitcher: Elaine Ainsworth , Raby, Australia

2.Stitcher: Elaine Ainsworth , Raby, Australia

3.Stitcher: E.E. (Beth) Filmer, Adelaide SA , Australia

4.Stitcher: Francesca, Padstow, NSW, AU

5.Urban Dinosaurs Stitcher: E.E. (Beth) Filmer, Adelaide SA , Australia
In Progress
Red T Rex Head

6.WhiteRavenPatterns from Etsy. Stitcher: Nicky, Mytchett , UK
In Progress
Red Tyrannosaurus Rex.

7.Cross Stitch Gold magazine Pg 44Stitcher: Katherine Wong, CARLTON, Australia
In Progress
This pattern has colourful, fun dinosaurs depicted on grass next to water, with a volcano in the background. I'll modify the pattern to fit required dimensions.

8.Sarah May designs 1993 Stitcher: Alison Sotheran, Bristol/Bradley Stoke , UK
In Progress

9.Adele Welsby Stitcher: Rae C, Gwandalan, NSW, Australia
In Progress
Scelidosaurus and stegosaurus

10.Sarah May design 1993 Stitcher: Lisa Satherley, Bristol, UK
In Progress
T-Rex Stitcher: Sarah Warrener, Wagga Wagga NSW, Australia
In Progress
T Rex in a circle holding a teapot .

12.LabelStitcher: Rae C, Gwandalan, NSW, Australia
In Progress

Squares received

Cross stitch square for Lincoln's quilt
Stitched by: Elaine Ainsworth
Submitted: Aug 2019

Cross stitch square for Lincoln's quilt
Stitched by: Elaine Ainsworth
Submitted: Jun 2020

Cross stitch square for Lincoln's quilt
Stitched by: E.E. (Beth) Filmer
Submitted: Aug 2020

Cross stitch square for Lincoln's quilt
Stitched by: Francesca
Submitted: Oct 2021


Card for Lincoln
Stitched by: Sarah Warrener