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LoveQuilts Australia - Hudson's quilt

Hudson's quilt   (Quilt Coming Soon)

Born:November 2016
Illness: Non Hodgkin's lymphoma Burkitt's lymphoma

Theme: Dinosaurs

Quilt will open soon, keep checking back!
Photo of Hudson

Child Interests

His favorite colours are green blue and red. He absolutely loves Halloween it's his favorite time of year. He also like dinosaurs and his collection of soft cuddly toys which keeps growing.


When Hudson was first born everyone fell in love with him. The dimple's on his cheeks made everyone melt. He was such a happy little boy who refused to crawl and was trying to walk from 6 months old. He loved motorbikes and was riding by the time he was 3.
He started prep this year with so much excitement to make new friends. Then halfway through the year he developed a small lump on the left side of his neck and an extremely swollen tonsil. After many trips to the GP and ultrasounds and blood tests we were given a referral to the ENT which was in a town almost 2hrs away. We still had 2 weeks until his appointment when his lump started to get noticably bigger and Hudson started crying in his sleep holding his neck. That was it for me. I put the kids in the car the next morning which was Tuesday the 6th July and headed to the hospital where the ENT was. We walked into emergency just after lunchtime and by that night we were told we were being sent to Brisbane to the Queensland childrens hospital the next morning.
We were flown down by the Royal flying Doctors Wednesday morning then over the next two days underwent multiple scans and test. Friday our world was flipped upside down as we were informed Hudson had cancer. Non Hodgkin's lymphoma. Our doctor said he was looking at 6 months worth of treatment. The following week he started his chemo which he handled like a boss. The steroids where hard for us all to handle but he responded so well to his treatment and went from needed 6 months of treatment to beating his cancer in 3 months. So now he is in remission and we are just waiting for his blood count to come back up after his last chemo cycle so his central line can be removed and then we are heading home. I am beyond proud of my amazing little warrior.