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LoveQuilts Australia - Braxton's quilt

Braxton's quilt    (Quilt Closed)

Born:April 2014
Illness: Autism

Theme: Dinosaurs - realistic

Date opened: 13th Dec 2022
Date closed: 13th Dec 2022
Deadline: 31st Aug 2023

Photo of Braxton

Theme details

Dinosaurs - realistic - Realistic dinosaurs. This quilt will only be available for signups via our Facebook page.

Child Interests

Dinosaurs, jurassic park/ jurassic world, camp cretacious on netflix(the cartoon dinos fave dino on this show is Bumpy the ankylosaurus)

favourite Dinosaur ever is Ankylosaurus

I also like plesiosaurus, t-rex, blue the velociraptor, pacyocephalasaurus, spinosaurus, pterodactyl, mosasaurus

Fave colour- cyan and orange


Brax was born at 35 weeks and was quite small, he was diagnosed with ehlers danlos syndrome which badly effects his joints and will eventually cause significant arthritis as he ages, he has had more than a dozen dislocations and a severe fracture in his leg that took 18 weeks to heal that still causes him troubles years later, he was later diagnosed Autistic, with Adhd and an intellectual disability which effects his ability to learn, he is the happiest kindest most loving child and always looks out for everyone, he has watched his older brother suffer tremendous pain and trauma and has missed out on alot because of his brother's high needs including spending the majority of the first few years of his life as a sibling boarder while his brother was in and out of hospital. He's an incredible chess player and is a worthy opponent to his chess loving dad, he loves to build lego and this really helps him during theraoy sessions.
He never asks for anything and always wants to help everyone out and i would just love for him to have something special that's just for him to cherish.


1.Stegosaurus Stitcher: Kylie Aplin, Trafalgar, Australia
In Progress
Pattern by Beth Filmer

2.Design by Beth Filmer Stitcher: Katherine Wong, CARLTON, Australia
In Progress

3.Design by Beth Filmer Stitcher: Sharree MacPherson, Australia
In Progress

4.Design by Beth Filmer Stitcher: Nicky, Mytchett , UK
In Progress

5.Pattern by Beth Filmer Stitcher: Amelia Carey, UK
In Progress

6.Pattern by Beth Filmer Stitcher: Alison Sotheran, Bristol Bradley Stoke , UK
In Progress

7.Pattern by Beth Filmer Stitcher: E.E. (Beth) Filmer, Adelaide SA , Australia
In Progress

8.Pattern by Beth Filmer Stitcher: Lauren H, Australia
In Progress

9.Cyberstitchers Stitcher: Rae C, Gwandalan, NSW, Australia
In Progress
Two dinosaurs

10.Details to comeStitcher: Lisa Satherley, Bristol, UK
In Progress

11.TBAStitcher: Katherine Wong, CARLTON, Australia
In Progress

12.LabelStitcher: E.E. (Beth) Filmer, Adelaide SA , Australia
In Progress

Squares received

None yet. (Quilt opened on 13th Dec 2022)