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Posted on 20 Dec 2019

News 20th December 2019

Well, another year has come and gone here at Love Quilts Australia. This has been our busiest year to date with 18 quilts safely completed and delivered. A special thank you to everyone who has contributed the 216 squares required to complete these quilts. It was a big ask from our hard working stitchers this year, but you have all done a magnificent job. Our total delivery of quilts since we started in 2014 is now at 53.

A special thank you to those of you who have contributed to our Any Child stocks, either by sending your squares in randomly though the year, or by joining one of our Stitch-A-Long, or SOS theme requests. These contributions have been used to fill vacancies created when stitchers have had to pull out of their commitment, or where squares have failed to arrived in time. They have also been used to complete Backfill quilts. Of the 18 completed quilts this year, five were Backfill quilts – a total of 60 squares. This has meant that the quilter (Diana) has been able to make good use of spare moments in between regular sign-up quilts to work on Backfill quilts and thereby add to our yearly quilt total. If you are wondering how to make a contribution to our stitching program, please consider Any Child squares. Or, if a square is easy to stitch, why not make two at once? One for the sign-up, and a spare for Any Child. A quick visit to our Any Child square page will let you know which categories need topping up.

The total number of squares received this year is 229. This includes a number that have come in for quilts to be completed in 2020. Again – thank you hard working stitchers.

The children who have received quilts this year are:
Faith E (sadly Faith passed away not long after receiving her quilt)
Charlie N
Tyrion M
Kaitlan C
Slater C
Maddison B
Sarah W
Samra L
Isla J
Heath S
Jasmin P
Jaxon S
Isabella T
Lily D
Rachel G

We had a lot of children registered for quilts at the end of 2018 and earlier this year, and have made good progress through the list. Now we are in need of more children to stitch for, so if you know of any child who would qualify for one of our special quilts, please let their parent or guardian know about us.

Some of you have very kindly remembered us with financial donations. These have been appreciated very much. It can cost up to $100 to construct and post a quilt to a child in Australia; a little more expensive when we post to New Zealand. Diana has been trying to keep the costs down as much as possible and has been able to make some purchases from wholesalers. We also have the LQ Fundraising Facebook page; if you haven’t already visited please do so. Some lovely things are available on this site, and the proceeds help us. AIDA squares, with overlocked edges, and a range of DMC cottons are also available on this site. The link is:

So, as another year is about to be ushered in, again, thank you to everyone who has been involved this year. May our special children have sweet sleep under their Love Quilts; may our stitchers dream of new squares to stitch for us; may we all enjoy a lovely Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Posted on 31 Jul 2019

News 31st July 2019

After a busy 2017, 2018 was a quiet year. Seven quilts delivered in 2018 compared with 13 for 2017.

At the end of 2018, enquiries for quilts started coming in faster than the application system would allow. So a decision was made to put LQAU on a lottery system, in line with LQUK. Now children can apply for quilts any time and they all have equal chance of being selected. This has been very successful and we have had a steady stream of applications.

Seven quilts have been delivered so far in 2019 with another 9 quilts being stitched for and under construction. Nine more children are patiently waiting in the lottery for their name to be drawn.

Our valiant stitchers have been struggling to keep up with this increased demand for quilts so if any would-be stitchers are reading this news post, we can sure use your skills. If you have trouble stitching to a deadline, then one of the Stitch-A-Long, or SOS themes might be more appealing. If you miss these deadlines it doesn’t cause the same problems that missing a signup deadline does. You could also just look through our Any Child sections and stitch something for those categories that we don’t have any squares left in. These can be sent in any time.

Our Any Child squares have been heavily raided this year. Some have been used so complete a quilt where a stitcher has had to pull out, or their square has not reached us in time. Other Any Child squares have been used for backfill quilts. These are quilts that are worked on in-between the signup quilts, enabling us to cater for more children than would normally be possible. Only 1 – 2 signup quilts are scheduled each month, but if there is spare time, backfill quilts can be worked on. A backfill quilt can be started if we have enough Any Child squares immediately available. This year 6 backfill quilts have been/are being worked on.

Quilts delivered so far in 2019:
Faith E
Charlie N
Tyrion M
Slater C
Sarah W
Kaitlan C
Maddison B

On a sadder note, one of our precious LQ children passed away shortly after receiving her quilt. Faith E lost her battle and is now at rest. Our thoughts go out to her parents and family.

Thank you to everyone who has been a part of the Love Quilts Australia journey so far. Your hard work has meant that 42 quilts have been delivered to special children since our inception.


Posted on 30 Dec 2017

News 31st Dec 2017

Another year is slipping swiftly away. This is LQAU’s fourth year and it has been a busy one with 13 quilts safely delivered; 11 to Australian children and 2 to New Zealand children. This is nearly double the quilts from our previous three years of operation. Well done everyone for your wonderful contributions. The many squares we received were just gorgeous.

These are the 2017 children: Peter H – Sealife
Zoe L – Butterflies
Glenn D – Moon, Stars, Space
Christiana K – Teddy Bears
Nathan C – Vehicles
Patrick P – Military Theme
Rachael – Butterflies
AJ – Mickey Mouse & Friends
Rielly – Superheroes & Medieval
Heidi K – Butterflies & Sunshine
Dekkard – Wild/jungle Animals
Kael - Music

We have a slower start to 2018 with only one child signed up to date. Please remember us to parents and guardians of children who would qualify for a special quilt.

Our Facebook membership now exceeds 300.

So now, as another year grows to a close, we would like to wish you all a safe and great start to 2018.


Posted on 01 Feb 2017

News 31st Jan 2017

It has been a while since our last news update but we have continued to be active.

Over the past 3 years, we have gifted quilts to 15 beautiful children. Thank you again to everyone who contributed to these quilts. They have been joyfully received. This year is shaping up to be our busiest ever. We already have quilts underway for 5 children, with a number waiting patiently in the background. Our limitation will now be due to the fact that we have only one regular quilter.

We have a number of regular stitchers, but will gladly welcome anyone else who would like to stitch for us. Our square tally is getting close to 1,000. Of particular help has been our supply of Any Child squares. These squares play a vital role in completing a quilt in a timely manner when the signup square doesn’t make it to us in time.

Special thanks to the family of Judith Saebel who donated her stash to Love Quilts Australia to sell for fundraising. And thanks to Beth for cataloguing and promoting the stash on our Facebook fundraising page. Monies raised have a great help. Diana has raised some funds by having a stall at a Sunday market. More market stalls are planned. Beth also contributed to the stall by stitching some lovely cards and ornaments.

We now have a lovely supply of emergency quilts so if you know of a child who is time challenged please get in touch with us.

Our Facebook page continues to sign up members. If you would like to join please search for us under Love Quilts Australia.


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