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Posted on 17 Jul 2015

News 17th July 2015

A lot has transpired since our last news update on 16th December last year. In that time we have completed another 8 quilts:
4 Emergency
4 Child signup

The 4 children who received their quilts during this time were Ellie T, Harmony F, Rachel B, and Dexter L.

We have just passed the 500 mark for squares received and are now on the count up to 600. That is a tremendous effort for just over a year in operation. Thank you to everyone who has contributed to this tally. Each and every square we receive is very precious.
Our stitching family now extends to over 12 countries represented – this is truly a global effort.

On a sad note, we farewelled one of our treasured stitchers earlier in the year. Judith Saebel passed away suddenly in January. In her short time with us Judith not only stitched squares, but also organised the card signups. Her work for LQAU was very much appreciated and she is sorely missed. LQAU was represented at her funeral by Beth, who has also taken over the card signups. Thank you Beth. Thank you very much too, to those of you who stepped in at short notice to stitch the squares that Judith had signed up for but not completed.

Three quilters have joined our ranks. They are helping out with stitching some of the emergency quilts. We hope to have a couple more quilters join us soon to help out with the child signup quilts.

Don’t forget, if you would like to join our “chatter”, you can visit or join us on our Facebook page.

From where ever you are around the world stitching for Love Quilts Australia we hope you are enjoying good health and happy stitching.

Posted on 16 Dec 2014

News 17th December 2014

Since our last update, three quilts have opened and closed to stitchers: Ballet Theme SAL
Farm Animal SAL
Jungle Animal SAL
And, the Mice SAL has opened
A semi-emergency signup quilt has been started using the Any Child squares received from Quilts4Kids.

Also since our last update, squares have been received from the following people: Anne Bradfield
Carol Ayling x 2
Catherine Townend
Cheryl Connor
EE (Beth) Filmer x 9
Elaine Ainsworth
Elaine Dixon x 2
Helen Sparkes
Jan Schillo x 2
Janet Pilsbury
Janet Ramsden x 4
Jessica Eby
Judith Saebel
Julie McCombe x 2
Laurel Cooper
Paula Dewar
Pat x 2
Rene x 2
Ruth Swinton x 2
Tahlia Anderson

This will be our last news update for the year.

What a year it has been! Love Quilts Australia was officially born in May and to date three signup and two emergency quilts have been completed and delivered. Another two signup quilts are being quilted as are another two emergency quilts. Another signup quilt, and seven emergency quilts are progressing through the stitching phase. Quite an achievement for a beginning year. Thank you to everyone who has made LQAU possible, from Gaynor who set up our brilliant web and Facebook pages, to every stitcher who used their amazing talents to stitch the beautiful squares, and to those who have provided financial assistance. The children who have and will receive these amazing quilts are the recipients of your immeasurable love. And, I hope that for you, as it has been for me, the reward has been to see the sparkle in the eyes of the children who have received the quilts.

I hope you all enjoy a wonderful Christmas and a safe and happy start to the New Year.

Happy holiday stitching,

Posted on 07 Nov 2014

News 7th November 2014

Our first two sign-up quilts have been sent out: Maxwell P’s has arrived safely and we hope to have photos soon. Addison-Hope’s in currently in transit.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to these quilts. They looked absolutely gorgeous all made up.

The next projects to tackle will be sewing some of the Stitch-A-Long quilts up.

Squares have been received from the following stitchers: Elaine Dixon x 2
Diana Tanner x 4
EE (Beth) Filmer x 4
Shell Marsden x 3
Sandy Bell x 1
Cheryl Connor x 1
Debbie x 1
Jill Smith x 1
Jeneen x 1
Carol Ayling x 1
Jacqui Ellem x 1

If you are thinking of holiday projects to plan for, have a look at our Any Child square categories, or maybe stitch a spare for one of the closed quilts.

Thank you to everyone who has made a monetary contribution as well. It all adds up.

Posted on 06 Oct 2014

News 6th October 2014

Since our last update, Harmony F and Rachel B’s quilts have opened and closed, and the Good Night, Sleep Tight SAL has opened. Thank you to everyone who signed up to stitch for these quilts. Harmony and Rachel are the 4th and 5th children we have stitched for. As word gets around hopefully this number will grow.

Quilting has commenced on the Purple Theme SAL and this quilt is well under way to being completed. This will not be our first emergency quilt; that honour will go to a partially completed quilt (Teddies) we received from Quilts4Kids. This quilt should be completed within the next day or so.

Squares have been received from the following people: Cheryl Connor x 1
Anne Shackles x 2
Sarah W x 2
Kylie Moran x 2
EE (Beth) Filmer x 11
Elaine Ainsworth x 3
Debbie x 2
Becky Mclinn x 3
Nicola Davenport x 2
Donna Sharpe x 3
Shirley Clarke x 1
Jan Schillo x 1
Janet Ramsden x 3
Seren x 2
Jeneen x 1
Diana Tanner x 1
Carol Ayling x 1
Helen Batley x 2
Lucinda Phillips x 2
Shona Paterson x 1
Laurel Cooper x 2
Anne x 3
and, another 20 squares have been uploaded from the parcels received from Quilts4Kids in June.

And, lastly, many thanks to those who have sent in monetary contributions. Your added generosity is very much appreciated. We have a good supply of border and backing fabric now on hand, and as funds come in we will try and build up our sashing fabric and wadding supplies.

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