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LoveQuilts Australia - Ella D's quilt

Ella D's quilt    (Quilt Closed)

Born:February 2004
Illness: Autism Spectrum Disorder

Theme: Hearts

Date opened: 10th Aug 2021
Date closed: 13th Aug 2021
Deadline: 27th Jan 2022

Photo of Ella D

Child Interests

Kittens and love hearts.
Favourite colours- Pinks and purples.


Ella was born 6 weeks early at 5.9lbs. She had Respiratory distress syndrome, premature lung disease and jaundice. She spent her first 4 weeks in hospitals. Her first week in NICU. Her milestones were mildly-moderately delayed in which she was referred to therapists. Her low muscle tone was picked up and we were advised to see a paediatrician. She was diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome at 5 1/2 years.
Ella enjoyed her primary school years, but it was difficult and overwhelming at the same time. She struggled to sleep, needed a lot of movement in class with breaks and supports, change was always hard, clothing with her sensory issues was a daily struggle and also her anxiety. Learning everything that is harder with autism, like facial expressions and emotions. Ella needed structure and visuals to help her with her daily routines. School was very exhausting. She participating in extra curriculum activities before it became too much. Ella went on medications at a young age to aide sleeping and anxiety.

Highschool she adapted well, but was very challenging. Now at 17 with the help of the NDIS she has a wonderful support team that help her through her highs and lows, executive functioning and living a purposeful life.


1.Stitcher: Janeene E, Hervey Bay QLD, Australia

2.Heart and cats cross stitch pattern multi coloured Stitcher: Gail Carr-Walker, Newcastle , UK
In Progress
Large heart
etsy by cross stitch for you

3.Passion Creative Stitcher: E.E. (Beth) Filmer, Adelaide SA , Australia
In Progress
Coeur Rouge (done in Pink)

4.My own design Stitcher: Elaine Matthews , Perth, Australia
In Progress
Random size hearts in different patterns

5.Free from Stitcher: Elaine Ainsworth , Raby, Australia
In Progress
Small hearts entwined in one large heart

6.Animals Cross Stitch on Etsy. Stitcher: Nicky, Mytchett , UK
In Progress
Flower heart in pinks & purples.

7.1984 Burkett Publications 15Stitcher: Rae C, Gwandalan, NSW, Australia
In Progress
Broken star in heart, pending

8.Christmas is Love, from Happy Holidays section of Donna Kooler's 555 Fabulous Cross-Stitch Patterns 126Stitcher: Jessica Eby, Cambridge, ON, Canada
In Progress
Large heart with lacy edging (Patterned to say "Christmas is Love" in heart, but will leave off words and just do heart in pink)

9. Coles Creative Studio on Etsy n/aStitcher: Jeneen, PA, USA
In Progress
Heart of Pawprints (will use pinks and purples)

10.Freckle Doll (Etsy) n/aStitcher: Kay R, PA, USA
In Progress
Heart with cat and paw prints (will add pinks)

11.Https:// Stitcher: Jill Smith, Wellington, UK
In Progress
Heart of cats, will do in pinks and purples

12.LabelStitcher: Diana Tanner, Perth, WA, Australia
In Progress

Squares received

Cross stitch square for Ella D's quilt
Stitched by: Janeene E
Submitted: Feb 2021


Card for Ella D
Stitched by: Beth Filmer