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Squares by Kay R, PA USA

Squares in progress:

1. Shark, dolphin, whale, clown fish, clam, crab, octopus, sea horse, star fish for Alex S (Deadline: 28 Mar 2020)

For Any Child
(Category: Princesses)
Submitted: Sep 2019

For Angel
(Theme: Purple and unicorns)
Submitted: Sep 2019

For Ella W
(Theme: Horses & penguins)
Submitted: Sep 2019

For Isabella T
(Theme: Angels & fairies)
Submitted: Jul 2019

For Jasmin P
(Theme: Female Disney characters)
Submitted: Jun 2019

For Heidi K
(Theme: Butterflies and sunshine)
Submitted: Aug 2017

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Completed quilts featuring Kay R's squares

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