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LoveQuilts Australia - Register a child for a quilt

Register a child for a quilt

Thank you for your interest in submitting your child to receive a quilt from Love Quilts Australia.

Here are some of the basic rules for a child to receive a quilt from Love Quilts Australia:

1. Child must be at least 1 year and should be a maximum of 18 years old when their quilt project is started.
2. Child must live in Australia or New Zealand.
3. Child must be currently seeking treatment for a life long or life threatening illness.
4. We prefer that the child has an online active webpage that regularly updates on the child's condition. If your child does not have a webpage, apply anyway and we will discuss it further via email.
5. Application must be made on behalf of the child by their immediate caregiver ie their parent/foster parent/guardian.
6. Child must not have received a quilt from a similar group. We ask parents to bear in mind the enormous effort that goes into quilts and how many children are in our lottery system hoping to be drawn out.
7. You agree to have a photo and a short biography of your child appear on our website. Photos may also be posted to our social media (mainly Facebook) on receipt of the quilt. We will make exceptions for children who are in foster care and cannot legally have a photo appear. Please email us for details.

To be fair to everyone applying, we have implemented a lottery system which will be drawn on a regular basis. Please click here to enter:

Register for quilt lottery

Good luck!

Note: If a child is very sick, or life-limited to a few months or less and will not be able wait the 5-6 months it takes to make up a quilt, please contact us via email and we may be able to arrange an emergency quilt.