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Squares by Laurel Cooper, Wodonga, Vic Australia

For Emergency or Backfilled quilt
(Theme: Music E01)
Submitted: Dec 2016

For Louise C
(Theme: Puppies & Dogs)
Submitted: May 2016

For (QUILTED) Chooks & Roosters E01
(Theme: Chooks & Roosters E01)
Submitted: May 2015

For (QUILTED) Ballerinas E01
(Theme: Ballerinas E01)
Submitted: Feb 2015

For (QUILTED) Ice Cream E01
(Theme: Ice Cream E01)
Submitted: Dec 2014

For Harmony F
(Theme: Flowers with butterflies and dragonflies)
Submitted: Dec 2014

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Completed quilts featuring Laurel Cooper's squares

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