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Squares by Jessica Eby, Cambridge, ON Canada

Squares in progress:

1. Leaping ballerina, will change colours to fit for Sienna (Deadline: 29 Jun 2023)
2. Fluffy white cat with purple bow around its neck; will add a border if necessary for Kaylee-Jayde (Deadline: 27 Jul 2023)

For Any Child
(Category: Animals - Cats & Dogs)
Submitted: Nov 2022

For Taejarna
(Theme: Butterflies)
Submitted: Nov 2022

For Rylee
(Theme: Space)
Submitted: Oct 2022

For Indiana
(Theme: Unicorns)
Submitted: Oct 2022

For Karter
(Theme: WWI and WWII military vehicles)
Submitted: Sep 2022

For Harriet
(Theme: Female Disney characters)
Submitted: Jan 2022

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Completed quilts featuring Jessica Eby's squares

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